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Matt MacDonald

Matt MacDonald is a Junior at Medford High School. He’s on the hockey team. His signature move on the ice is the toe drag. I am really honored that he not only took time out of his busy summer to read my book but also wrote me this really incredible review, the first from a teenage reader.  Here are his words:

William McAdoo captures the essence of the average teenager’s life in his first novel, “Filled With Nothing.” It’s a compelling story that will cause you to face the reality of a teen and the challenges that they must overcome. The story follows 17 year old Scott Walsh on a summer that will change his life forever. A beating from a random group of boys leaves Scott in fear of going out in public until new neighbors move in, a family with the girl, Trinity, who Scott befriends. Despite having her own challenges, she helps Scott slowly overcome his fear. “Filled With Nothing” is a must-read for all teenagers and young adults.  McAdoo’s portrayal captures all of the struggles teens face, including bullying and how it can happen to anyone. The story sends the message to all teenagers that they will face problems in their life but will overcome anything if they don’t give up and keep fighting.


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